Standard Load Pricing

"No surprises. No hidden charges. Our rates are up-front & simple. Our junk removal pricing is based on volume (the space that your junk takes up in our truck) and includes labor, transportation, disposal fees, fuel & taxes. Most items fall under our standard load pricing above."

Heavy Load Pricing

"Extremely Heavy Materials often require a significant amount of lifting and shoveling and usually have higher disposal fees due to the weight. Horton Hauls Junk charges more for heavier loads to offset increase labor and disposal costs. Heavy loads are based on three points Minimum, Half-Load, and Full-Load. We provide a free no-obligation quote to determine actual cost to our customers below is a list of items that may fall under are Heavy Load Pricing"

Examples of Heavy Materials:

"• Concrete • Asphalt • Dirt • Sod • Ceramic Tiles • Shingles • Cinder Blocks • Bricks • Pianos and Safes "

Labor Services

"We also offer in-house labor, or labor only services, for in-house moves, deconstructing large items or small structures, carpet removal, and other similar tasks. Please call 757-392-4967 to get a free estimate on labor rates in your area!
And since we want every customer to feel 100% comfortable, we go over all pricing in person at the start of every job. "

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Horton Hauls Junk

HORTON HAULS JUNK is your full-service junk removal company. We offer junk removal services for residential or commercial business including but not limited to offices, retail locations, construction sites, apartments and more. 

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